"Irek has been my Personal trainer since January 2015. 

Weekly sessions helped me to achieve an English Channel solo swim in July 2016, including guiding me through an injury just eight weeks before my swim date. Irek, quite simply, knows his stuff. He is supremely professional, patient, and will push you to get whatever results you are looking for without needing the 'bells and whistles' of a less experienced personal trainer. I can't recommend him highly enough, whether you're an endurance athlete, or have never set foot in a gym before."

Sarah ,Open water swimmer

"We signed up with Equilibrium to put structure and discipline into our rather haphazard gym visits. Irek ensures enjoyable and demanding programmes which he varies and develops as you go along. His holistic approach (understanding your work/play balance as well as dietary and physiological issues) ensures that your training is balanced to compliment your life goals. He is never a bully but is certainly tough enough on you to make sure you get the results you're after. We're sold and thoroughly recommend Irek to anyone who wants to get the most out of their training."

John & Sara

"Finding a Personal Trainer

Finding a Professional Personal Trainer has been quite easy for me since I gave up road running through injury and started gym work some four years ago. It is very important that to ensure the gym and fitness trainer offers value for money, has the knowledge and understanding of your needs.

Irek has looked after me in many ways over the passed three years and his quiet manner and motivation for your to do well is why he is so successful and set up his own gym last year. 

Irek has a personal trainers hourly session during which clients are helped with their workouts, whether using weights, cv machines or dong aerobics, walking or flexibility training. During the workout you will find that you are being monitored and at the end of each session a record of the progress will be completed.   This enables feedback to me and I receive advice about my lifestyle changes and more general information about health and nutrition. 

I have always found that it is a personal trainers responsibility is to provide a comprehensive one-on-one educational fitness program that promotes a health and fitness program through a realistic goal setting and education. I am extremely grateful to Irek for his patience, experience and understanding by helping me achieve my realistic goals in fitness and health."


"This is very professional gym/studio where it does not matter whether there is heavy weight lifting or resistance workout only as comprehensive schemes/modules of training bring effects. A combination of Irek's practical and theoretical knowledge helps to avoid any injuries.
Once you are committed to those sessions you realize that it becomes your escape from reality, where you become strong physically and mentally.
Irek never gives up on people, even on those who doubt in themselves. He never criticizes.
Each training plan is very detailed and adjusted to personal requirements/needs.
Thank you."


I have been training for a while and it is easy to get stuck in a rut. In February 2015 I decided to start training with Irek to get new ideas about what to do to become stronger and fitter, as well as making my training more interesting. I have not been disappointed. Not only does Irek have a vast knowledge and years of experience of training, he also has a good deal of patience and never seems to tire of explaining how and why you do something. As a result I have become much more confident trying new exercises and working out with weights. I can thoroughly recommend Irek to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, from beginners to more experienced athletes.